Sammy (f.k.a. Scout)

(Posted in Facebook Notes by Cindy Fredrickson on Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 1:34pm)
Sammy (f.k.a. Scout),
adopted at age one (1) on January 26, 2009 from the Elmbrook Humane Society
Follow up report: April 14, 2009Sammy is a very smart dog–clever, inquisitive, intelligent. He’s pretty. We think if you were to draw the perfect yellow Labrador retriever, you would use Sammy for the model. He may be a rescue mutt, but he looks like a purebred. We are his third owner, so he has kept us guessing about what he knows and doesn’t know.He is an “alpha” dog. Given too much freedom he asserts his independence and won’t listen to anyone. He lost all off-leash privileges within two weeks of living here. I let him out off-leash one day for a “quick potty break,” thinking he would come right back in, especially since he was soaking wet from just getting a bath and it was 25 below outside. He ran off, and I began to think we might be in the next county before I caught up with him, as he led me about like a fox, near and then away, evading capture like a pro. Since then, he has learned the boundaries of our property, and we keep a leash on him at all times. An invisible electric fence is planned for the Spring.

Sammy is short for Sampson, strong man of the Bible. We thought Scout rhymed too easily with things like, “Did you take the dog out,” or “Get OUT!” or “We’re going outside.” Poor thing would get confused.

Sammy is an oversized puppy—nearly eighty (80) pounds of tightly wound, lean, muscular “Tigger.” He can actually jump straight up until his hind legs are almost two feet off the floor, or about a foot straight up from all fours. We taught him early not to jump *on* people or doors, so now he just springs straight up.

He lives in our sunroom–14’ X 17’, lined on three sides with floor to ceiling windows and on the fourth with French doors. One by one, each piece of upholstered furniture was removed from the room and then he started pulling books off high shelves and chewing on wooden dowels… The day he started gnawing on a French door was the living end! Now he stays in his crate when we leave. He used to freak about the crate, but now I think he actually looks forward to our leave so he can get peanut butter and take a nap.

He loves to be fussed over. He will sit patiently in the tub for his bath or wait as you wash grime off his fur after he’s been rolling in things out in the woods all weekend. Monday is a good day for baths. He loves to explore the woods, of which there are at least three acres around our house.

Sammy was born to run—tall, with a broad chest and strong lungs–and he’s all muscle. He loves going for long bike ride jogs. Previous owners must have taught him this. He stays to the right of the bicycle and ignores or keeps a respectful distance from traffic, people, or any other distractions, except birds. He will bolt for birds.

What more can I tell you? He’s a joy and he’s a stinker and he’s a joy. He loves people and lots of attention. Through all the ‘loving discipline’ he has received, not once has he responded with aggression; only a desire to do better. He is a good hearted dog.

At first, I wasn’t so optimistic about Sammy, especially since he cried to be let out every forty five minutes, but it wasn’t his fault he had giardia. He is well now, and Mom doesn’t feel like she’s running a doggy daycare any more.

He is adjusting rapidly to our routines, and we to his. Just when he’s been a stinker and I want to throw him out, he turns all angel. He is our daybreak wake-up call and the reason we get so much fresh air and sunshine.

He will only be a “puppy” for another year or so, and we can give him that, and work out our lives around him.

Sammy if a very good dog.

~Cindy (a.k.a. Mom)

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