Fives and tens

Fives and tens

(Posted in Facebook Notes by Cindy Fredrickson on Saturday, March 28, 2009 at 7:18pm)
Fives and TensJust Google on “gas pump accuracy” and you will find a slew of articles claiming that the Department of Weights and Measures (DWM) has determined that around 94% of gas pumps tested dispensed gas accurately and 6% did not.Read the fine print: The test they use involves filling a 5 gallon or, less frequently, a 10 gallon test container, which the DWM tests for accuracy, then dumps back into the station’s holding tank.Here’s what happened to me in Okauchee recently: I let the tank fill to auto shut-off. The pump charged me for 13.45 gallons. Per the manual, my car’s tank only holds 13.11 gallons and I had expected the tank would need only about 11 gallons to fill that day, judging by where the gas dial was, but not over 13.

So, I immediately went into the shop and asked to speak to a manager. The franchise owner was actually on site. He swore up and down he wasn’t cheating me and gave me photo copies of the results of a recent test by the DWM which clearly showed that each and every one of his pumps was perfectly accurate at exactly 5 gallons. And, he told me, “another guy came in and told me the same thing just the other day!” Hmmm.

Duh! So, why then did that pump I used get carried away and charge me for more than my tank even holds? What was that, a cover charge? Gas was selling for $4 at the time, so I figure I left an extra $8-12 at that gas station just for the privilege of pulling up to his tanks.

Bottom line: Fill up on the fives and tens, if you can. Stop by the gas station more frequently. You know, when your car says it’s half full; not when it’s close to empty. You can do it. I know you can. Your choice. Do it or lose it…$$$ for every extra gallon you pay for but do not get.

By filling on the “5’s” (and maybe even on the “10’s”), you can be 94% certain the pump is dispensing all the gas you are paying for.

Works for me with my little Honda. I’ve actually gotten over 50 mpg using this method.

If you drive a gas guzzling SUV, a tank, or maybe a freightliner, dunno what I can tell you. Figure something out.

God Bless America.



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